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Adopt A HighWay Program Facts

The Adopt-A-Highway program reinforces PennDOT's litter pick-up efforts by involving citizens across the Commonwealth in the anti-litter efforts in Pennsylvania's 41,000 miles of state maintained highways. The program serves as an educational tool to make people aware of the litter problem and serves to provide clean, well cared-for highways for Pennsylvania's citizens, highway users and the millions of tourists who visit the state each year. The program allows groups or individuals to become special "caretakers" of portions of the state highways.
  • Adopting groups must sign a program participation packet with PennDOT
  • Groups must agree to adopt at least a two mile portion of a state highway. PennDOT must agree that the highway is suitable for adoption.
  • Groups must agree to pick up litter at least four times a year. The agreement runs for two years. It will renew automatically unless either party chooses to terminate it.
  • Safety is top priority. Group leaders must use safety materials provided by PennDOT, and must conduct safety meetings with group members before each pickup.
  • All participants must wear orange safety vests and must post "Litter Crew Ahead" signs during scheduled pick-up periods.
  • PennDOT will post signs (one in each direction) naming the adopting group or individual on the adopted portion of highway.
  • Participants must be at least 8 years old. Adults must accompany participants under 18.
  • Any civic-minded groups or individuals may participate, with the exception of those representing an elected official or candidate for public office.
If you are interested in adopting a highway in Schuylkill County contact SKIP's office today -

Check out our Schuylkill County Municipality Recycling Drop Off Sites page for information on where to drop off your recyclables, rather than letting them on our Schuylkill County Roadways.

PA Litter Laws: Did You Know?
The Laws
Any improper disposal of trash is illegal and violators can be prosecuted! As an example:
PA Vehicle Code, Title 75, Chapter 37
Covers litter and waste dropped, thrown or deposited from a vehicle that lands on a road right-of-way. Vehicle owners are responsible for anything thrown from their vehicles, even if the owner wasn't driving, or wasn't in the vehicle

The Penalty
The person who does so is guilty of a summary offense and, upon conviction, may be sentenced to either or both:

  1. To pay fine of not more than $300
  2. To pick up and remove litter from public or private property...for not less than 8 hours nor more than 16 hours for the first conviction
Schuylkill Keep It Pretty - Don't Throw Litter from your car!

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